Fabrizio was born in a small mountain town in the Dolomites, in northeastern Italy. Starting at a young age, thanks to the influence of his dad, he developed an interest in cars, above all four wheel drive vehicles. At the age of three he took his first step towards constructing cars and other small things, using Legos and later he started building with the most complex Lego Technic. When he was nine he won his first award - in a Lego contest in Italy. At eleven he discovered model kits, mostly military, and later civilian cars - which opened a new world for him. He and his brother collected over 4000 model cars over the years, between die cast already built, die cast kits and plastic model kits. There were too many cars to handle, so he decided to collect and build only Jeep model cars, which is his favorite four wheel drive vehicle; however, he sometimes builds different cars and non-car related items, like puppets. His talent and his attention to detail is recognized all around the world. Over the years he has received many awards and his models are published on the internet and in hard copy. He often collaborates with well known name brand model car producers and private people.

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